Official position of the Republic of Azerbaijan


The position of Azerbaijan on the settlement of the conflict despite of the incontinency of long-term mediation efforts the within the OSCE and absence of the results Azerbaijan will continue to support the peaceful and constructive solution of the conflict. The purpose of the Azerbaijani government is liberation of all of the occupied territories, return of IDPs to their homes and to achieve stability and sustainable peace in Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, as well as in the South Caucasus region. The main objective of the process of settlement is work-up the status of Nagorno Garabagh within Azerbaijan, to determine its model and legal framework. Azerbaijan believes that the process of determining the status should take place with participation of the entire population of the region, including the direct participation of Armenian and Azerbaijani communities under their full and equal participation in peace with the government of Azerbaijan, under the normal framework of legal and democratic processes, under the conditions of constructive interaction. Before the conflicting parties reached discussion on self-governing status of Nagorno Garabagh within Azerbaijan a number of important steps should be taken to reach this stage. First, the factor of military occupation should be removed from the context of the conflict. Delay in return of occupied territories without any reasons may worsen and complicate the difficult process of settlement. Second, the demographic situation in the region before the conflict must be restored. It is known that the status of Nagorno-Garabagh can be determined by the direct participation of Armenian and Azerbaijani communities, as well as only under the conditions of coexistence.

Third, until a new self-governing status of Nagorno-Garabagh is worked out, the interaction between the central government of Azerbaijan and local authorities of the Armenian community should be established.  Fourth, a region should be developed from economic point of view and must be restored. It is an important step for the normalization of life and peaceful coexistence of two communities and, restoration of cooperation. It includes restoration and development of economic relations between two communities, as well as the central authorities of Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Garabagh, restoration of communications in both directions for the use of both parties and opening. So that, if the Armenian population of Nagorno-Garabagh region will have the opportunity to have links with Armenia and Azerbaijan, through the Lachin corridor to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Fifth, humanitarian cooperation between the two communities, with special programs such as education and tolerance should be carried out. Regarding implementation of the peace agreement to be signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia it should be secured with the obligations of both parties under treaty, as well as the guarantees of the great powers and international organizations, the relevant international guarantees.

It is clear that the success of the peace process also depends on the constructive approach of the parties, as well as the international community, especially the active assistance of the OSCE Minsk Group. However, due to the Armenia’s position it is very difficult to hope for significant positive changes on this issue. In fact, from the very beginning of the conflict, the purpose of military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan was to occupy territory forcibly and to change the demographic situation in the areas. In order to achieve the one-sided separation Armenia wants to keep control over some of the occupied regions around Nagorno-Garabagh and prevents the Azerbaijani displaced persons from returning to their lands, and thus prevents the consideration of both the community’s opinion on equal basis. It is clear that such an approach by the Armenian on issue can not serve as the foundation of a solid solution to the conflict. Keeping the status quo means accepting the results of violation of human rights, rule of law and or in other words, the victory of the violence over justice.

The Azerbaijani side supported the peaceful settlement of the conflict, but in the issue of territorial integrity it will not go for any concessions and will not accept the settlement of the conflict basing on fact  “fait accompli”, that is the current fact, which  the Armenian side tries to make accepted by force. The conflict may be settled by respecting the territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan, as well as basing on peaceful coexistence of Azerbaijani and Armenian communities of Nagorno-Garabagh availing the democracy and development in full and equal manner. Absence of concrete perspectives for soonest settlement of the conflict and the continuation of “no peace, nor war» condition is the permanent and direct threat to democratic security, independence and development of Azerbaijan. At the same time it is the main source of instability in the entire South Caucasus region.

State Committee on deals of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons


According to the Regulation, approved by the Decree of the President № 187 of Azerbaijan Republic from February, 1st, 2005, the primary goals of Committee are the temporary settlement, repatriation and social protection of the refugees, the compelled immigrants and the persons, measured to receive the status of the refugee (looking for refuge), improvement of their social and domestic conditions in the territories released from occupation, conferring the status of “refugee” or ” the compelled immigrant”, in order and on the basis of established by the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, delivery of the document (certificate) to them, confirming this status, and deprivation of such persons of this status, finishing, through corresponding enforcement authorities, up to the international and local public of the facts of mass infringement of the rights of refugees and the compelled immigrants, conducting the account of refugees and the compelled immigrants in places of their accommodation, the organization of creation of uniform information base about them, conducting purposeful work with corresponding state bodies, the international and nongovernmental organizations with the purpose of realization of various measures on rehabilitation and redintegration refugees and the compelled immigrants, increase of employment and reduction of poverty in places of their time accommodation and during repatriation, creation of conditions for returning refugees and the compelled immigrants in the residences which forcedly have been left by them, conducting works on construction and repair of housing and social objects for them, participation in formation and maintenance of realization of a state policy in sphere of maintenance of building objects with corresponding design estimates and the decision of other problems.

The State Commission on Prisoners of War Hostages and Missing persons


Returns people became prisoners of war and hostages as a result of the Armenian aggression against the Republic of Azerbaijan and develops measures for the search for missing persons and supervises their realization.

Coordinates the activity of the relevant state agencies, public and international organizations on the release of the prisoners of war and hostages, and search for missing persons;

Collects information about citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan became prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons, and creates the relevant database for registration and systematization of this information;

Prepares information references and proposals concerning the work with the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan became prisoners of war, hostages and missing;

Takes action for protection rights of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan held in captivity;

Permanently contacts representatives of other states concerning the prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons, in case of necessity holds official meetings;

In case of violation of provisions of the Geneva Conventions, initiates investigation within the framework of procedures set forth in these conventions;

Cooperates on problems of the prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons with the ICRC, other international organizations engaged in humanitarian issues as well as the persons working in this field;

Takes action for recreation and social rehabilitation of the persons released from captivity;

Provides consider action of the letters, appeals and applications concerning prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons;

Takes action for dissemination of juridical and historical documents reflecting the policy of genocide and ethnic purges of the Republic of Armenia against Azerbaijani people, and materials about prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons within the international community;

Registers people taken in captivity in territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the course of military aggression or otherwise detained persons belonging to the opposite sides, places them on filtration facilities and provides their apprehension in accordance with requirements of the Geneva Conventions;

The Commission acting on the principles of transparency, permanently informs the public about undertaken actions concerning prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons;

Carries out other duties assigned on the Commission by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.